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Why is PrimeWire changing domains?

Due to recent legal action, it is possible that the current domains will be frozen or seized. To prevent the new domain from being seized, some changes will be made to the site to comply with temporary and possible future permanent injunctions.

What changes specifically will be made?

All links to external video services other than,, and will be permanently removed. Only new links from these services can be submitted. To protect against the submission of links from these services that may contain copyrighted content, we will delete links and disable submission of new links preemptively for certain titles, as well as at the request of copyright holders.

Is PrimeWire shutting down?

No! Besides this change, all of the features of the site will continue to operate, including user accounts, comments, chat, ratings, episode tracking, personal schedules, libraries, playlists, search and filtering and more. We have even added new features to make it easy to find the content that is available to you on licensed streaming services.