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PrimeWire is a social movie and TV show site which lets you find new movies and TV shows, share them with friends, and find streaming services to watch them on.
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PrimeWire provides free streaming links for certain movies and TV shows from youtube, archive.org, vimeo and dailymotion.

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In todays fragmented and geo-locked streaming environment, it is increasingly difficult to know what is available on which platform. With PrimeWire you can add all of your subscriptions to your account. With a single click, you can filter any list of movies and TV shows to only include what is available on your services in your country.
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Track what you have watched.

PrimeWire is your one-stop-shop for managing your library of movies and TV shows. You can add any movie or show to your library, mark it as a favorite, categorize what you have watched or are planning to watch, and track which episodes you have watched.

Personalized TV schedule.

PrimeWire creates a personal TV schedule for you based on your library. You can see what is airing this week in one place, so you will never miss an episode again.

Discover new movies and TV shows.

With our advanced searching and filtering tools, you can easily find new movies and TV shows that you may have missed. You can filter by content search terms, cast, crew, rating, year, genre, streaming sources and much more.

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Through comments, chat, wall posts and playlists, share movies and TV shows with other users.