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Afterdark: The Adult Playlist, Part V

Another Playlist dedicated to movies, documentaries and shows that are “Adult-themed”

Creator: Arcangel2020
Posted: 19 days ago

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Movie: Moon Maidens ( 2023 )
Take them to your leader. When sexy Moon Maidens invade the bodies of three earth women, they learn the meaning of human sexuality.
Movie: The Sexy Sixth Sense ( 2001 )
A lonely and nerdish man encounters the ghosts of four seductive strippers in his small apartment.
TV Show: Swing ( 2011 )
This provocative Playboy TV series is breaking the mold on traditional relationships. Watch what happens when committed men and women embrace the "lifestyle" filled with forbidden pleasures, free love, and extra partners in the bedroom! Every week we'll be inviting a new couple to our weekend retreat and mixing them with veteran swingers and trained sex experts. Some will find it brings them closer; while others will get torn apart. Either way, no one will be the same after experiencing Swing.
Movie: The Monkey's Mask ( 2001 )
A lesbian private detective dives head first into murder, manipulation and the consuming power of sex.
Movie: Sinful Temptations ( 2001 )
Nicole is a woman whose significant other Brad wants her to stay home and take care of the house. But Nicole soon grows bored with this routine, and begins taking assignments as a nude model for men's magazines. Nicole is soon lured into a number of sexual liaisons with models and photographers she's been working with, and her relationship with Brad is strained to the breaking point. But things become even more difficult when a photographer Nicole had worked with turns up murdered, and Nicole has reason to believe she may be next in line.
Movie: Cinderella's Hot Night ( 2017 )
A beautiful woman falls prey to her cruel, sex-crazed benefactor but receives help from a fairy.
Movie: After Midnight ( 2014 )
When an exotic dancer is murdered at a seedy strip club, her sister goes undercover to find the killer. While working at the club, she realizes that everyone is a suspect and she must work fast to find the killer and get revenge.
Movie: The Love Machine ( 2016 )
Women seeking therapy from a relationship counselor are programmed, via the Love Machine, to brutally kill their mates when a hypnotic response triggers their homicidal rage.
Movie: From Straight A's to XXX ( 2017 )
In order to pay her college tuition, a young woman turns to the adult film industry and must balance her personal life with a new life as porn star Belle Knox.
Movie: Carnal Awakenings ( 2013 )
A young couple becomes involved with a sexy new stranger in this steamy adult thriller.
Movie: Knockouts in Lockdown ( 2023 )
When Cindy gets busted for prostitution, she reluctantly agrees to become an FBI informant. She is sent undercover to infiltrate a local strip club where young women are forced to battle each other in bikinis.
TV Show: Sin City Diaries ( 2007 )
Sin City Diaries is an exciting series that pulls back the satin sheets and exposes some of the sexiest secrets hidden beyond the neon lights of Las Vegas. The series, shot entirely on Las Vegas locations offers the viewer dramatic stories set against one of the most exciting locations in the world. Visiting high-rollers and Las Vegas residents alike know how to live life high on the hog but even they sometimes need a little help bringing their fantasies to life. For that they turn to Angelica and her concierge staff.
TV Show: The Dark Side of Porn ( 2005 )
Channel 4 presents a season of documentaries exploring the dark reality of the adult film industry.
Movie: Bikini Airways ( 2008 )
The trials and tribulations of a trio of girlfriends who inherit a run-down airline and struggle to resurrect it.
Movie: The Bikini Carwash Company ( 1992 )
Women go topless at a carwash company in order to increase business.
Movie: Tart ( 2001 )
After her only friend is expelled from their private school in the Upper East Side of Manhattan, Cat Storm wants to get close to a boy she is attracted to and recreate herself with new friends. But her new friends are unreliable, her boyfriend is troubled, her parents are cold and indifferent, and she increasingly finds herself unloved.
Movie: Swing ( 2002 )
Movie: Bikini Royale 2 ( 2010 )
When an enemy spy ring is discovered to be operating out of a Madame Zola's House of Tarts, Tanya X must go uncover to infiltrate to the gang using her sensuous and secretive talents.
Movie: Piranha Women ( 2022 )
Terror rides on high tides in this sexy and outrageous tale of science run amok that's even madder than 'Moreau'.
Movie: The Lesser Evil ( 2014 )
Rachel Crow stars as a woman who is approached by a man who has kidnapped her daughter. If the woman complies with the man's wishes, then the daughter will be set free. If not, the wishes will be carried out on the daughter. Be warned that this is a creepy movie. it was made as an "opposite of Hollywood" movie" about a sexual predator. Mainstream movies about these villains actually make them look cool, and if a rape scene is shot well (according to the sensibilities of cinematography) then it look sexy. Notorious director BILL ZEBUB decided to make a movie in which the villain plays with his victim, but in a way to make you feel sick watching it, rather than to make a good horror scene or a kinky sequence, so all of the rules are thrown out in this ultra disturbing experiment. Watch at your own risk. A bonus clip of the actress talking about the movie is a MUST-see after watching her character's ordeal, just so you know that the actress was perfectly safe and that she was in control the whole time (in real life).
Movie: Exploitation ( 2018 )
Melissa is a fetish model who realizes that she had taken the wrong path. Modeling was to pay for college, but it became her career. She tries to convince a director to forsake exploitation films and return to his artistic roots.
Movie: Embrace the Darkness II ( 2002 )
A sultry vampire acts as mentor to a reluctant recruit.