The Garden: Commune or Cult (2023) S1 E5
med109 2 points 19 days ago. (Contains Spoilers)

Tree is a very unstable and paranoid. Every time something happens that bothers him (and it can be anything depending on his mood. From kicking a rock he thought was pretty to seeing 3 flies on a pile of poo) he immediately says “this is dangerous, you’re going to get us in trouble” I could go on and on but I will just jump to this… Having a party once in awhile is fine IMO but, if you are going to let you’re hair down and get drunk with people you don’t totally trust, and are not drinking as much as you are. Don’t be surprised when things get ugly for you later. You thought having a documentary made was an amazing idea, seemed to take credit for it in fact, then get mad when 1. You forgot you was microphoned while you spoke BS about others, and 2. forgot there was cameras still around! You can’t have the cameras there, but only film you when you are at you best. That is not what you agreed to.