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Quite a few of these classics need links. List is modified often.

There’s an emphasis on pre-code era then up to 1949. Many are flapper-prohibition-depression era through WWII with iconic stars of the studio period of the golden age of films.

There are exceptions, such as Korean, Vietnam war eras, bios, docs & films based on film icons, such as Wild Thing, Death Becomes Her & Cabaret which were based directly from the iconic Louise Brooks or The Chaperone which is her biography. For the purposes of this list, anything above 1949 is not vintage but retro yet still potentially considered to be classic for listing. Monroe’s films are a good example of that.

If you're reading this & are currently feeling like a lost kitten if there's no download to what you want, send me a pm & I'll help. May or may not have it, but it doesn't hurt to private message. I really will share & make a post just for you.

White Lies, Fitzgerald’s The Last Tycoon & Korda’s Queenie were all based on the enigmatic Indian-Maori born Merle Oberon (not Asian - India is it’s own content & not part of Asia anymore than Europe is. There are oops! 8 continents, not 7). Korda was in fact her step-son via her marriage to Alexander Korda. Queenie was Merle’s nickname.

Her biography is better than fiction & beyond interesting. Merle’s story is rooted in the racism of the U.S. & her need to obscure her half-caste birth. Merle was the first Indian nominated for the coveted Oscar.

Lupe by Warhol starring Edie Sedgwick in her last role before her own death, is about the false urban legend regarding the suicide by Seconal of the devastatingly beautiful iconic & volatile ex wife of Tarzan, Johnny Weissmuller, Lupe Velez, who was pregnant with Gary Cooper’s baby that he refused to claim. They were to marry, but they were a violent couple & Gary’s mom disliked non-whites. She cut him with a knife.

She & Tarzan divorced for the same reason. She fired a pistol at him in public at a train station. She also saw any other actress as a rival, & would do scathing humiliating mockeries of them in public that she was rather infamous for. She was the wealthy daughter of an army colonel to a Mexican dictator. Lupe’s story is also rooted in U.S. racism. Lupe was the first Latina to be nominated for an Oscar.

This era is very important. Without Mae West for example, Paramount wouldn’t exist & there likely would’ve never been Star Trek as it is known today.

Hedy Lamarr was a genius inventor who fled nazi germany & invented frequency bandwidth hopping, which is the technology that makes the WiFi you are using possible as well as all missile guidance systems in the military.

Jerry Lewis invented technical innovations such as video playback, which is used on sets mostly for dailies, taught university film making & meticulously crafted his comedy in synced time to all sound events, often working with musicians to compose scores that brought out timing that worked comedically.

The great Carl Stalling, composer of Disney’s Silly Symphonies & more popularly of Warner Brothers Merrie Melodies, invented sound synchronization & composed all of his music highly mathematically to match on-screen action, which today is known as the click-track. He composed about 120 scores a year. No one does that anymore. Now some douche presses some keys on a keyboard, then plays it in an infinite loop until the crappy bad art that a lazy idiot did on a computer is done.

The greatest dancer of all time was the wonderful ballet trained, athletic acrobatic percussive Eleanor Powell, who was the only dancer that intimidated Fred Astaire & was the only dancer who always choreographed all of her own steps, dictating everyone else’s steps, often practicing until her feet bled, worked for weeks on just upper body movement & still today is required learning for any dancer.

Quite a bit of Cole Porter’s legendary songs debuted in her films, accompanying her perfect vertical kicks, backward bends & countless high speed spins. All in high heels with slick steel taps. Ginger who? That one didn’t know how to dance & took months of lessons from Fred.

Melanie Griffith’s mom Tippi Hedren of Hitchcock fame, like Betty White, is an animal rights activist & responsible for shutting down infamous theme parks that abuse animals.

Leonard Nimoy was responsible for securing rights for every entertainer’s personal legal rights of their own physical likeness, taking his case all the way to the Supreme Court.

Jackie Coogan, known as Uncle Fester of the Addams Family, was responsible for securing the rights of child entertainers & protection from financial exploitation, especially from their own parents. His ex-wife was the one & only Betty Grable.

Penny Singleton who played Blondie Bumstead was also the voice of Jane Jetson. Billy Burke was Glinda the Good of The Wizard Of Oz & most people look at her at least once a year.

Frances Gumm, known as Judy Garland, gave birth to Liza Minnelli who later emulated Louise Brooks. The great singer Keeley Smith of Louis Prima fame in particular took 100% of her look from Miss Brooks long before Liza was born.

Carmen Miranda had a heart attack on live tv during the Jimmy Durante show & died shortly after. Jimmy himself narrated & sung Frosty The Snowman.

Jean Harlow died of kidney failure at a mere 26, collapsing on the set of her last & most famous film, dying before it was finished, after she cemented Howard Hughes’ & her own fame, but also primary suspect in her husband’s murder.

Gracie Allen, like Carmen & Judy, also died young, barely over 50 having worked herself to death merely to entertain. Yet she was an Irish catholic happily married to her Jewish husband George Burns.

Others were blatant right-wing nazi fascist sympathizers whose names & works should be forgotten & lost in the swirling eddies of time.

Each one of these very ordinary people had some very extraordinary aspects to their lives that were highly interesting & well worth researching. Either way, these people affect our lives today very profoundly- but none more thanHedy.

Many of these legends built the Hollywood system as it is presently & in many cases saved it singlehandedly, such as founder of Universal Carl Laemmle & Charlie Chaplin(insisted on relocating film making from the insane violent Thomas Edison in New Jersey to California away from his brutal goons that regularly smashed up any studio that dared operate outside of the Edison monopoly) who co-founded United Artists for independent filmmakers & The Academy of Motion Pictures. Without Chaplin & his partners, there would be NO Hollywood at all or film making as it is presently known.

For all of these reasons & more, this era should not be forgotten or regarded as irrelevant, but should be celebrated just as much as any contemporary work- for without it, there would be NO contemporary works, & free speech today might not be so free at all.

Care is taken to compile a good default listing, but in this case it is fun to sort by Date Of Release since this list is best served by passion for the subject than anything else.

Sorting by date will separate time periods & group like items together. More contemporary dates are likely to have docs & bios about past decades.

A note: Some films have no photo or maybe no synopsis but do indeed have links.

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Movie: Mansfield 66/67 ( 2017 )
MANSFIELD 66/67 is about the last two years of movie goddess Jayne Mansfield's life, and the rumours swirling around her untimely death.
Movie: Louise Brooks: Looking for Lulu ( 1998 )
Documentary recounting the life story of Louise Brooks in 5 sections: "Lulu in Toe Shoes"; "Lulu in Hollywood"; "Lulu in Berlin"; "Lulu in Hell"; and "Resurrection". Narrated by Shirley MacLaine and featuring numerous interviews with friends and relatives of the legendary star, it also contains excerpts from many of her films including her first on-screen appearance.
Movie: Häxan ( 1929 )
Part history lesson followed by re-enactments with actors, this film depicts the history of witchcraft from its earliest days through to the present day (in this case,1922 or thereabouts). The result is a documentary-like film that must be among the first to use re-enactments as a visual and narrative tool. From pagan worship to satanic rites to hysteria, the film takes you on a journey through the ages with highly effective visual sequences.
Movie: A Kiss for Cinderella ( 1925 )
In London during World War One, a simple-minded slavey awaits her Fairy Godmother and her Prince Charming.
Movie: The Misleading Widow ( 1919 )
Movie: Male and Female ( 1919 )
Lady Mary Lasenby is a spoiled maiden who always gets her way until shipwrecked with her butler, then learns which qualities are really admirable in a person.
Movie: Let's Get a Divorce ( 1918 )
The Sardou play begins with this girl's life as the young wife of a man nearing forty, kind enough to his bride, but more or less absorbed in his serious work. She has dreamed of romantic love, intoxicating adventure, and tumultuous passions only to find none of these things in retirement with a good husband. She decided that her existence has been wrecked and ruined,...Read all
Movie: This Way Please ( 1937 )
A young woman is hired as a theater usherette and encounters her matinée idol, who helps her become a hit, and soon she finds herself engaged to another man, prompting a battle of romantic wits ensues.
Movie: Campus Confessions ( 1938 )
Movie: The Day the Bookies Wept ( 1939 )
The taxi drivers of the Colonel Cab Company are tired of losing money at the racetrack. When Ramsey Firpo sees the winnings taken home by one of the horse owners, he convinces the other drivers to chip in some money to buy a horse of their own. Firpo taps fellow driver Ernest Ambrose, his sister Ina's goofy boyfriend, to go to Kentucky to buy the horse and, based on Ambrose's success with pigeons, to become the horse's trainer. Despite Ina's warnings to stay away from horse racing, Ambrose goes to Kentucky and meets Colonel March (a con man) and Patsy (his accomplice, posing as his daughter "Gwendolyn"). Colonel March buys Hiccup, a broken-down nag with an alcohol problem, for twenty bucks and makes sure Ambrose pays five hundred dollars for him the next day at the auction. Firpo and the cab drivers are excited to see Hiccup in action (chasing a beer truck down the streets of New York), but Hiccup's performance on the racetrack is disappointing. That is, until Ina overhears Colonel March mention that Hiccup is unbeatable once he's had a few drinks.
Movie: Down Argentine Way ( 1940 )
An American girl on vacation in Argentina falls for a wealthy racehorse owner.
Movie: Moon Over Miami ( 1941 )
Kay, Barbara and Susan Latimer come into a small legacy when they expected a large one, then abandon the Texas greasy-spoon where they work to hunt in Miami for rich husbands, said to be plentiful there. Barbara and Susan posing as the secretary and maid of "wealthy" Kay, they check into a posh hotel, and soon Kay is in the delightful predicament of being pursued by two handsome, wealthy bachelors at once. But Musical Comedy Complications arise...
Movie: That Night in Rio ( 1941 )
An entertainer in Rio impersonates a wealthy aristocrat. When the aristocrat's wife asks him to carry the impersonation further, complications ensue.
Movie: Week-End in Havana ( 1941 )
Nan Spencer is on a boat bound for Havana which runs aground. The man sent to rescue her is engaged and she doesn't understand his disinterest. Gambler is interested, to the annoyance of his girlfriend.
Movie: Footlight Serenade ( 1942 )
Conceited World Champion boxer Tommy Lundy decides to test his popularity in a Broadway show. Tommy always has an eye for the ladies and he starts paying attention to beautiful chorus girl Pat Lambert. Pat's boyfriend Bill Smith isn't impressed with Tommy even though Tommy gets him a boxing part in the show. When Tommy finds out that Pat and Bill were secretly together the night before the show opens, he angrily plans to turn the boxing scene with Bill into a real bout.
Movie: Song of the Islands ( 1942 )
With his sidekick Rusty, Jeff Harper sails to paradisiacal tropical isle Ahmi-Oni to bargain on behalf of his cattle baron father for land owned by transplanted Irishman Dennis O'Brien. But Jeff falls in love with O'Brien's daughter, Eileen, and even his father can't break them up after he arrives and himself falls under the spell of island splendor.
Movie: Springtime in the Rockies ( 1942 )
Broadway partners Vicky Lane and Dan Christy have a tiff over Christy's womanizing. Jealous Vicky takes up with her old flame and former dance partner, Victor Price, and Dan's career takes a nosedive. In hopes of rekindling their romance and getting Vicky back on the boards with him, Dan follows her to a ritzy resort in the Canadian Rockies, where she and Victor are about to open their new act. But things get complicated when Dan wakes after a bender to find that he's hired an outlandish Latin secretary, Rosita Murphy, which makes Vicky think he's just up to his old tricks again.
Movie: Coney Island ( 1943 )
Set at the turn of the century, smooth talking con man Eddie Johnson weasels his way into a job at friend and rival Joe Rocco's Coney Island night spot. Eddie meets the club's star attraction (and Joe's love interest), Kate Farley, a brash singer with a penchant for flashy clothes. Eddie and Kate argue as he tries to soften her image. Eventually, Kate becomes the toas...Read all
Movie: The Gang's All Here ( 1943 )
A soldier falls for a chorus girl and then experiences trouble when he is posted to the Pacific.
Movie: Greenwich Village ( 1945 )
In 1922, a would-be classical composer gets involved with people putting on a musical revue.
Movie: Something for the Boys ( 1944 )
The oddly-assorted Hart cousins: revue singer Blossom, con man Harry, and machinist Chiquita (who gets radio through her teeth!), inherit southern plantation Magnolia Manor, which alas proves to be a "termite trap" and tax liability. Fortunately, Sgt. Rocky Fulton from a nearby army camp appears with a plan to convert the place to a hotel for army wives; but to pay bills until then, they decide to put on a show. Of course, romantic and military complications intervene...
Movie: Diamond Horseshoe ( 1945 )
A medical student who wants to be a crooner gets involved with a showgirl who has an ulterior motive.
Movie: Doll Face ( 1945 )
Burlesque star (Blaine) makes it in the big time.
Movie: Copacabana ( 1947 )
An agent has his only client pose as both a French chanteuse and Brazilian bombshell to fool a nightclub owner.
Movie: Hollywood Bound ( 1947 )
A compilation of three 2-reel shorts made by Betty Grable early in her career at RKO Radio Radio Pictures: Ferry-Go-Round (1934), A Night at the Biltmore Bowl (1935), and The Spirit of 1976 (1935).
Movie: Mother Wore Tights ( 1947 )
In this chronicle of a vaudeville family, Myrtle McKinley (class of 1900) goes to San Francisco to attend business school, but ends up in a chorus line. Soon, star Frank Burt notices her talent, hires her for a "two-act", then marries her. Incidents of the marriage and the growing pains of eldest daughter Iris are followed, interspersed with nostalgic musical numbers.
Movie: A Date with Judy ( 1948 )
Hyperactive teenager Judy Foster (Jane Powell) challenges, and is challenged by, her overly-proper parents, pesky brother Randolph (Jerry Hunter), and boyfriend Ogden "Oogie" Pringle (Scotty Beckett).
Movie: That Lady in Ermine ( 1948 )
Circa 1861, Angelina, ruling countess of an Italian principality, is at a loss when invaded by a Hungarian army. Her lookalike ancestress Francesca, who saved a similar situation 300 years before, comes to life from a portrait to help her descendant. Complicating factor: the newlywed countess feels strangely drawn to the handsome invader...
Movie: Nancy Goes to Rio ( 1950 )
A mother and daughter compete over the same singing role and, unbeknownst to each other, the same man.
Movie: Brigadoon ( 1954 )
Two Americans on a hunting trip in Scotland become lost. They encounter a small village, not on the map, called Brigadoon, in which people harbor a mysterious secret, and behave as if they were still living two hundred years in the past.
Movie: Scared Stiff ( 1953 )
Nightclub singer Larry Todd breaks off his romance with a beautiful showgirl when he realizes she's the girlfriend of a murderously jealous gangster. While on the run, Larry mistakenly believes he kills one of the mobsters and is helped to escape police by heiress Mary Carol, who smuggles Larry and partner Myron to Cuba. Mary has inherited a haunted castle on an isolated island and, ignoring ominous warnings and threats, decides to take possession. While there, the trio hunt for a hidden treasure and encounter a ghost, a zombie, and a mysterious killer.
Movie: Road to Rio ( 1947 )
Two inept vaudevillians stow away on a Brazilian-bound ocean liner and foil a plot by a sinister hypnotist to marry off her niece to a greedy fortune hunter.
Movie: Road to Zanzibar ( 1941 )
Chuck and his pal Fearless flee a South African carnival when their sideshow causes a fire. After several similar escapades, they've finally saved enough to return to the USA, when Chuck spends it all on a "lost" diamond mine. But that's only the beginning; before long, a pair of attractive con-women have tricked our heroes into financing a comic safari, featuring numerous burlesque jungle adventures...
Movie: Road to Utopia ( 1946 )
At the turn of the century, Duke and Chester, two vaudeville performers, go to Alaska to make their fortune. On the ship to Skagway, they find a map to a secret gold mine, which had been stolen by McGurk and Sperry, a couple of thugs. They disguise themselves as McGurk and Sperry to get off the ship. Meanwhile, Sal Van Hoyden is in Alaska to try and recover the map; it had been her father's. She falls in with Ace Larson, who wants to steal the gold mine for himself. Duke and Chester, McGurk and Sperry, Ace and his henchmen, and Sal, chase each other all over the countryside, trying to get the map.
Movie: Riding High ( 1943 )
In order to help her father get his silver mine running, a burlesque queen returns home to Arizona and gets a job as an enterainer at a dude ranch and runs into a romantic mining engineer and a counterfeiter.
Movie: Lulu Belle ( 1948 )
Lulu Belle is singing in a cheap dive in Natchez, Mississippi in the early 1900's when she meets rising young attorney George Davis. He gives up his fiancée and career to marry Lulu Bell. When his money runs out, Lulu Belle goes to work in a New Orleans club run by tough gambler Mark Brady. She tries to send George back to Natchez by pretending that she has fallen for prize-fighter Butch Cooper but George, in a fit of jealousy, drives a handful of forks into Butch's face. He is sent to prison and Lulu goes to New York with millionaire Harry Randolph, who makes her the singing sensation of Broadway and asks her to marry him. She refuses when she learns that George has been released from prison, realizing that he is the only man she ever truly loved.
Movie: My Favorite Brunette ( 1947 )
Shortly before his execution on the death row in San Quentin, amateur sleuth and baby photographer Ronnie Jackson, tells reporters how he got there.
Movie: Road to Morocco ( 1943 )
Two carefree castaways on a desert shore find an Arabian Nights city, where they compete for the luscious Princess Shalmar.
Movie: Road to Singapore ( 1940 )
Two playboys try to forget previous romances in Singapore - until they meet a beautiful dancer.
Movie: The Hurricane ( 1938 )
A Polynesian sailor -- unjustly imprisoned after defending himself against a colonial bully -- is relentlessly persecuted by his island's martinet French governor.
Movie: Road to Bali ( 1953 )
Two unemployed show-biz pals accept treasure-diving work in Bali for a local princess and they find treasure, love and trouble.
Movie: Moon Over Burma ( 1941 )
The managers of a teak lumber camp in Burma compete for the affections of a beautiful American entertainer who gets stranded in Rangoon.
Movie: Typhoon ( 1940 )
Two men searching for black pearls are marooned on an island when their crew mutinies. There they run into a beautiful girl who had been washed up on the island in her childhood. They must fight angry natives and a typhoon in order to survive.
Movie: Beyond the Blue Horizon ( 1942 )
A young girl's parents are killed on a tropical island, and the girl is raised and protected by the jungle animals. When she is found, as a grown woman, she is taken back to the United States to claim her inheritance. There are several people, with vested interests, who stand to gain something if she is shown not to be the missing heir.
Movie: Rainbow Island ( 1944 )
Three merchant seamen fleeing the Japanese take refuge on a Pacific island, where they come across a doctor and his daughter who take care of the natives, a hostile tribe that wants to kill the sailors for trespassing on their sacred ground.
Movie: The Road to Eltham ( 1978 )
Movie: On Our Merry Way ( 1948 )
Three short stories revolving around the topic of the daily question posed by the roving reporter to the readers of a daily newspaper.
Movie: The Lucky Stiff ( 1949 )
Semi-successful lawyer John Malone is intrigued by local night club singer Anna Marie St. Clair. After meeting her at the club, he is present when her boss (and more?) is killed, and she is arrested for the crime. Sentenced to death, Malone and his faithful secretary set out to find the real murderer, who is probably also responsible for a protection racket Malone is investigating.
Movie: The Jungle Princess ( 1936 )
Christopher Powell is in Malaysia with his fiancée and her father, capturing wild animals. While out hunting, he is attacked by a tiger, and his native guides run away, leaving him for dead. But the tiger is the pet of Ulah, a beautiful young woman who grew up by herself in the jungle. She rescues Chris and takes him back to her cave, where she nurses him to health and falls in love with him. When he eventually returns to camp, she follows. The fiancée is jealous, and the natives don't like Ulah or her pet tiger either, all of which leads to a lot of trouble.
Movie: The Big Broadcast of 1938 ( 1938 )
The Bellows family causes comic confusion on an ocean liner, with time out for radio-style musical acts.
Movie: Her Jungle Love ( 1938 )
While searching the South Pacific for a missing aviator, Bob Mitchell and Jimmy Wallace are caught in a typhoon and crack up on an island, escaping unharmed with the aid of Tura, a beautiful jungle girl who is the only inhabitant of the island and is believed a goddess by the natives of the adjoining islands. The three are about to leave the island on a make-shift raft when a gang of savage tribesman land, headed by Kuasa, a half-mad potentate who informs them that all whites are his mortal enemies because an Englishwoman once spurned his love and he got his revenge by stealing her daughter, who is Tura. He had set her up as a goddess but she must now pay for befriending the hated white men by being sacrificed to the crocodiles in an underground temple. An earthquake rocks the island and destroys Kuasa and his band. Bob, Jimmy and Tura find a party of rescuers waiting on the beach, headed by aviation company president J.C. Martin and his daughter Eleanor, Bob's fiancée. It soon becomes evident that Bob must choose between Tura and Elanor.
Movie: Tropic Holiday ( 1938 )
A Hollywood screenwriter looking for inspiration for his next film goes to Mexico, where he runs into a beautiful Mexican girl who sets her sights on him.
Movie: Man About Town ( 1939 )
Producer Bob Temple, who's brought an American show to London, loves his star Diana, but she won't take him seriously as a lover. To show her, he picks up stranger Lady Arlington, whose ...
Movie: St. Louis Blues ( 1939 )
A Broadway musical comedy star tires of the same old grind and flees the city. She runs into the skipper of a showboat who befriends her, and they make plans to put together a musical revue. But a competing carnival owner hatches a scheme to put an end to the show before it begins.
Movie: The Loves of Carmen ( 1948 )
Following the plot of the opera, "Carmen," this story follows the wild gypsy's adventures as a siren and bandit. Carmen lures an innocent soldier to his ruin, getting him expelled from the army. He then turns to banditry, killing Carmen's husband and others. All this makes for an unhappy ending with the innocent repenting his sins and dying for them.
Movie: Affair in Trinidad ( 1952 )
Nightclub singer and her brother-in-law try to find her husband's killer.
Movie: Salome ( 1953 )
After her banishment from Rome, Jewish Princess Salome returns to her Roman-ruled native land of Galilee where prophet John the Baptist preaches against Salome's parents, King Herod and Queen Herodias.
Movie: Gilda ( 1946 )
A small-time gambler hired to work in a Buenos Aires casino discovers his employer's new wife is his former lover.
Movie: Down to Earth ( 1947 )
Upset about a new Broadway musical's mockery of Greek mythology, the goddess Terpsichore comes down to earth and lands a part in the show. She works her charms on the show's producer and he incorporates her changes into the show. Unfortunately, her changes also produce a major flop.
Movie: You'll Never Get Rich ( 1941 )
In order to cover up his philandering ways, a married Broadway producer sets one of his dancers up on a date with a chorus girl for whom he had bought a gift, but the two dancers fall in love for real.
Movie: The Strawberry Blonde ( 1941 )
Quick-tempered yet likable Biff Grimes falls for the beautiful Virginia Brush, but he is not the only young man in the neighborhood who is smitten with her.
Movie: Cover Girl ( 1944 )
Rusty Parker, a red-headed leggy dancer at Danny McGuire's Night Club in Brooklyn, wants to be a successful Broadway star. She enters a contest to be a 'Cover Girl' as a stepping-stone in her career. She reminds the publisher, John Coudair, of his lost love, showgirl Maribelle Hicks. He was engaged to Maribelle, although his wealthy society mother made fun of her. Maribelle left John at the altar when she saw the piano at her wedding. It reminded her of the piano-player she truly loved. Rusty is Maribelle's granddaughter and there are musical sequences with Maribelle dancing to songs from the beginning of the 20th century. Rusty lands on the cover of her grandmother's former fiancé's magazine (as a bride). She is pursued by Coudair's pal, the wealthy theatrical producer, Noel Wheaton. He produces a lavish musical to star Rusty, surrounded by real cover girls of the mid 1940's. Rusty runs down a huge spiral into the arms of dozens of men who seem clumsy next to her ethereal dancing. But her success threatens Danny McGuire. He expressed his distress that his girlfriend will find success without him in Kelly's famous dance with himself, 'Alter Ego'. He and his sidekick, Genius, leave New York and entertain soldiers fighting in World War II. Rusty agrees to marry Noel, dazzled by success, security, and his power and money. But she drinks and loses weight because her heart belongs to Danny. She receives a symbolic pearl with great power and tells Coudair and Wheaton that she must spend her life with the man she loves.
Movie: You Were Never Lovelier ( 1942 )
The Acunas, a rich Argentine family, have the tradition that the daughters have to get married in order, oldest first. When sister #1 gets married, sisters #3 and #4 put pressure on Maria, sister #2, because they have their husbands picked out already. But Maria hasn't yet met a man she likes. Eduardo Acuna, believing that men aren't romantic enough these days, sends his daughter flowers and anonymous love letters, creating a "mystery man" for her to fall in love with. He intends to pick out an appropriate beau for her later, to fill the role. But Robert Davis, an American dancer looking for work, stumbles into the picture. Maria falls for him, but the father does not approve.
Movie: Top Hat ( 1935 )
An American dancer comes to Britain and falls for a model whom he initially annoyed, but she mistakes him for his goofy producer.
Movie: Swing Time ( 1936 )
A performer and gambler travels to New York City to raise the $25,000 he needs to marry his fiancée, only to become entangled with a beautiful aspiring dancer.
Movie: Broadway Melody of 1940 ( 1940 )
Johnny Brett and King Shaw are an unsuccessful dance team in New York. A producer discovers Brett as the new partner for Clare Bennett, but Brett, who thinks he is one of the people they lent money to gives him the name of his partner.
Movie: Roberta ( 1935 )
An American jazzman and his buddy woo a Russian princess and a fake countess in Paris.
Movie: The Gay Divorcee ( 1934 )
An American woman travels to England to seek a divorce from her absentee husband, where she meets - and falls for - a dashing performer.
Movie: Shall We Dance ( 1937 )
A budding romance between a ballet master and a tap dancer becomes complicated when rumors surface that they're already married.
Movie: Ziegfeld Follies ( 1946 )
The late, great impresario Florenz Ziegfeld Jr. looks down from Heaven and ordains a new revue in his grand old style.
Movie: Yolanda and the Thief ( 1946 )
Johnny Riggs, a con man on the lam, finds himself in a Latin-American country named Patria. There, he overhears a convent-bred rich girl praying to her guardian angel for help in managing her tangled business affairs. Riggs decides to materialize as the girl's "angel", gains her unquestioning confidence, and helps himself to the deluded girl's millions. Just as he and his partner are about to flee Patria with their booty, Riggs realizes he has fallen in love with the girl and returns the money, together with a note that is part confession and part love letter. But the larcenous duo's escape from Patria turns out to be more difficult than they could ever have imagined.
Movie: Heartbeat ( 1946 )
In Paris, a young woman runs away from a reform school, joins a pickpocket academy, and finds herself falling for the handsome diplomat she's been blackmailed into stealing from.
Movie: Clara Bow: Hollywood's Lost Screen Goddess ( 2012 )
A documentary looking at the life, films, and troubled times of America's first sex symbol, screen actress Clara Bow, featuring interviews and archive footage. It takes a look at why she is considered the 'Lost Screen Goddess'.
Movie: Children of Divorce ( 1927 )
A young flapper tricks her childhood sweetheart into marrying her. He really loves another woman, but didn't marry her for fear the marriage would end in divorce, like his parents'. Complications ensue.
Movie: Wine ( 1924 )
Movie: Kiss Me Again ( 1925 )
Gaston Fleury's (Monte Blue) wife, Loulou (Marie Prevost), takes a perfunctory interest in music but a deeper one in a musician named Maurice (John Roche). Although Gaston has no intention of releasing his wife into the hands of Maurice, he feigns willingness to give Loulou a divorce. Loulou then becomes bored with Maurice, and clever maneuvering on the part of Gaston brings her to want desperately a reconciliation with him. He happily fulfills her wish.
Movie: My Lady's Lips ( 1925 )
A newspaper publisher finds out that his wild daughter has fallen in with a ring of gamblers. A reporter who has infiltrated the gang to get a story falls in love with the gang's female leader, and when the two are caught in a police raid, they find themselves in equal amounts of trouble.
Movie: Free to Love ( 1925 )
A young woman is released from the reformatory where she was unjustly sent. She starts a new life with the help of a judge and an idealistic young minister. But a gang of criminals have made plans that could destroy the new life that she has built.
Movie: The Primrose Path ( 1925 )
Bruce Armstrong (MacDonald) is quite wealthy. He is also a drinker, a gambler, and pretty much worthless as a human being. For some reason, successful dancer Marilyn Merrill (Bow) sticks by him. In spite of this, he gambles with her boss, and when he loses, he writes bad checks. In order to avoid jail, Armstrong gets involved in diamond smuggling.
Movie: Kid Boots ( 1926 )
A salesman is helped out of a jam with an angry customer by a wealthy playboy. In return, he agrees to help the playboy get a divorce from his wife, only to find himself falling for the girlfriend of the customer who got him in trouble in the first place.
Movie: Hoopla ( 1933 )
A hula dancer at a carnival sets out to seduce the son of the show's manager.
Movie: Love Among the Millionaires ( 1930 )
A young waitress falls for the son of a railroad tycoon and finds herself hobnobbing with the rich when he invites her to spend some time with him and his family in Palm Springs.
Movie: No Limit ( 1931 )
Theater usherette Bunny O'Day (Clara Bow) inadvertently becomes hostess of a private gambling den, and gets involved in a romance with a ne'er-do-well gambler.
Movie: It ( 1927 )
A salesgirl with plenty of "it" (sex appeal) pursues a handsome playboy.
Movie: Hula ( 1927 )
The daughter of a pineapple plantation owner in Hawaii sets her sights on a married English engineer.
Movie: The Saturday Night Kid ( 1929 )
Mayme and sister Janie are salesgirls in Ginsberg's Department Store. Mayme is in love with store clerk Bill, but Janie tries to steal him from her. Hazel, another salesgirl, is Jean Harlow's first credited role.
Movie: Dangerous Curves ( 1929 )
A young bareback rider in a circus is in love with a trapeze artist, but he has two problems: he drinks too much and he's fallen under the spell of a "vamp" who's nothing but trouble for him.
Movie: Three Week Ends ( 1928 )
A sexy young nightclub singer sets her sights on a young man she believes to be a millionaire playboy, although he is in reality only an insurance agent.
Movie: Red Hair ( 1928 )
A free-spirited young girl has three middle-aged admirers, each of whom sees her from a completely different perspective. Unknown to her, they also happen to be the guardians of a wealthy young man to whom she is attracted.
Movie: Get Your Man ( 1927 )
A young American girl in Paris falls in love with a handsome nobleman, but he is about to wed in an arranged marriage. She hatches a plan to overcome that obstacle and get her man.
Movie: My Lady of Whims ( 1928 )
Clara plays wealthy Prudence Severin, whose reckless, profligate behavior causes nothing but headaches for her father. A detective (Lee Moran) is hired to protect Prudence from herself, but to no avail.
Movie: Mantrap ( 1926 )
A sexy young manicurist living with her older backwoodsman husband in a small Canadian town finds herself attracted to a young, rich and famous divorce lawyer who comes to town on vacation.
Movie: The Daring Years ( 1923 )
Cabaret dancer Suzie La Motte (Harris) is in love with Jim Moran (King), a boxer, but she tempts a young man named John Browning (Mack). Moran and John get into a fight in which Moran accidentally shoots himself. Out of anger at John, Suzie accuses him of Moran's murder. It is only at the last minute that John is saved from the electric chair by Suzie's confession of the truth.
Movie: The Age of Ballyhoo ( 1973 )
A documentary about the film industry, narrated by 'Gloria Swanson', in the period between World War I and World War II. Included are clips from a variety of films of that period.
Movie: Don't Tell Everything ( 1921 )
Movie: Don't Change Your Husband ( 1919 )
Leila Porter comes to dislike her husband James, a glue king who is always eating onions and looking sloppy. But after she divorces him and marries two-timing playboy Schuyler Van Sutphen the now-reformed James looks pretty good.
Movie: Why Change Your Wife? ( 1921 )
Robert and Beth Gordon are married but share little. He runs into Sally at a cabaret and the Gordons are soon divorced. Just as he gets bored with Sally's superficiality, Beth strives to improve her looks. The original couple falls in love again at a summer resort.
Movie: Beyond the Rocks ( 1922 )
A young woman marries an older millionaire and then falls in love with a handsome nobleman on her honeymoon.