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Movie: Resort to Love ( 2021 )
Erica was dumped by her boyfriend Jason before their wedding. Now her opportunity to brake through as a singer is also ruined by another artist. Erica is persuaded by her best friend to take a job as a singer on a hotel in the tropics. Upon arrival she's dismayed when she learns that she is mainly expected to sing at weddings at the hotel. Her dismay turns into panic when Jason suddenly turns up with his new fiancée and Erica is expected to sing at their wedding. In the wedding party there's also Caleb, Jasons brother, who Erica has not met before.
Movie: Mother's Love ( 2022 )
A young man is stood up at the altar. His overprotective mother decides to join him is what would have been his honeymoon, so as not to waste the trip. He ails while his mum enjoys the trip of her life.