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TV Show: Unknown ( 2023 )
A four-part docuseries event that tells breathtaking stories of adventure and exploration in awe-inspiring uncharted territories. Premiering weekly, each film pushes the boundaries of knowledge, ventures into unexplored regions, and unlocks the secrets of our world through the stories of remarkable people and places never before captured on camera. From unearthing the world's oldest graveyard to a heart-pounding look at the use of artificial intelligence in warfare, get ready to embark on a thrilling expedition that will broaden your horizons and awaken the adventurer within.
TV Show: Wonders of the Moon with Dara Ó Briain ( 2023 )
Since the beginning of time, generations have looked to the moon – it's a place filled with wonder, romanticism and dreams. It commands time, tide and life and has had an astonishing impact on life on Earth. It's spawned countless myths and legends, from werewolves to the belief that a full moon can make you crazy.

Now, in this two-part documentary – writer, comedian, amateur astronomer and astrophotographer Dara Ó Briain explores the ways in which the moon shapes just about everything around us and how we are now looking to shape the moon in the future.
TV Show: Alien Abyss ( 2022 )
Explore the bizarre mating rituals of the ocean's most peculiar creatures, from bloody battles to super-size litters.
Movie: Unknown: Cave of Bones ( 2023 )
Follows Paleo anthropologist Lee Berger in South Africa, as he and his team try to prove that the world's oldest graveyard, they found, is not human. A small brained, ape-like creature could have practiced complex burial rituals.
TV Show: The Mission ( 2023 )
The Mission is a brand-new documentary series that sees Walkley Award-winning journalist Marc Fennell embark on a global treasure hunt to piece together one of the largest and strangest art heists in Australian criminal history.
TV Show: The Bermuda Triangle: Into Cursed Waters ( 2022 )
The Bermuda Triangle is the most notorious stretch of ocean in history, evoking fear and endless fascination. Bounded by Florida, Bermuda and Puerto Rico, these waters have swallowed countless ships and planes and their crews—some vanishing without a trace.